We Are An Indigenous Energy & Utilities Company, Focused On:

Generation, Distribution, & Consultation

Natural Gas Distribution

Sale and Distribution of Natural Gas to industries and individuals.

Power Generation & Distribution

Power Generation and Effective Electricity Distribution Network


Consultation Services for Energy and Utilities Projects.

About Us

We Generate Power, Distribute Gas & Electricity And Offer Consultation Services.

ENTEC is a leading indigenous energy and utilities company based in Nigeria. Since its inception in July 2008, we have been dedicated to the generation of power, efficient distribution of electricity, and reliable gas distribution services for domestic and industrial users across Nigeria.

Additionally, we offer specialized consultancy services to organizations and government bodies, providing expert guidance on power generation and distribution projects, including comprehensive gas distribution solutions. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we are at the forefront of driving sustainable energy solutions and empowering the growth of Nigeria’s energy sector.

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Gas Distribution Plant Project of Entec Power and Utilities Company Nigeria

Natural Gas Distribution

Through our extensive network of pipes, we cater to the energy needs of industries, enabling them to optimize their operations with cleaner and more cost-effective fuel alternatives.

Energy Generation - Entec Energy and Utilities

Energy Distribution

We have consistently demonstrated our prowess by harnessing the full potential of our robust gas grid infrastructure to generate power and distribute electricity.

Consultation Services

As industry experts, we offer consultation services that cover the entire process of design from conceptual design to project completion of power utility infrastructures.








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If you need industrial solutions...We are available to serve you

From sales and distribution of quality natural gas to the development of infrastructures for power and utility projects, our expertise and experience are inclined to serve your best interest. 

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Group Photograph of Team on inspection to Gas distribution site of Entec

ENTEC's collaboration with PowerChina

Inspection of Gas Plant Facility of Entec Power and Utilities Company.

Entec's Unincorporated Joint Venture (UJV) Agreement with NNPC Gas Marketing Company (NGML)

Entec Sagamu station, inspection by NNPC

Construction of the 106KM Natural Gas Pipeline

Entec Ltd is incorporated for the purpose of power generation and distribution. We specialize in the distribution and marketing of piped natural gas in Nigeria.

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